Starter Pack

Industry 4.0 OEE kit for
productivity optimization

Starter Pack Es

From plain data, towards quality automated data

The e-connect starter pack allows you to drastically impact your OEE performance in your production centres: real time clear information thanks to our plug & play system.

Stops and micro-stops
Monitor and visualize all your stops, eliminating idle times.

Identify OEE improving points
You can finally understand how to improve the productivity potential of each centre

Unified data. One main panel for turns, centres, countries
Unify your turn production information, your production centres, countries, etc In one panel you will understand your company’s real productivity. You may zoom into specific machine details or choose to zoom out and check your company’s productivity.

Enhance your team’s involvement
Operators receive information and feedback in real time in a visual and clear manner, this enables them to continually improve.

Automatize and augment your data’s quality control and accuracy
Save time and paper, avoid information loss. Automatizing your data retrieval will allow you to look at your data in real time with the utmost information accuracy.

Quality data: correct choices
Make decisions based on aggregated information, easy to understand and to adjust in real time.

Hmi Muntatge Pantalla Web
Panel for operators
Portal Pantalla Web
Panel for managers

e·connect Starter Pack includes

Econnect Hardware Web

1. e·connect Datalogger

  • Ethernet connection
  • Production information available with our OPCUA Server
  • Power 24V DC
  • Dimensions: 158 x 114 x 59mm
  • Certificates: CE
Hmi Muntatge Pantalla Web

2. Operator’s panel and licence

  • Display LCD
  • 5-inch 720×1280 LCD
  • Capacitive touch pane
  • Power 5V DC
  • Dimensions: 140mm x 95mm x 21mm
  • Certificates: CE, FCC, T-LEC(211-210815)
Portal Pantalla Web

3. e·connect Portal licence

Portal access to e·connect from any web browser.

OEE Cloud Plans

Dispositivo e·connect
Pantalla HMI
e·connect Portal
Histórico OEE30 días60 días365 díasIlimitado
Personalización tipos de paradaIlimitado
Paradas planificadas
Zoom in/Zoom out1 nivel5 niveles5 niveles
Análisis de Pareto
Panel de control TV
Personalización paneles de control
Conexiones con ERP

Start support pack: 5 hours in 2 months
Support pack: 10 hours in 6 months

Recurso 8

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