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Analysis of efficiency and productivity indicators

OEE: Indicator for the efficiency of your machinery in real time, by shift, day, week, month, or any period you desire.

Pareto diagrams: Identify the 20% of elements that impact 80% of your efficiency. Identify inefficiencies and separate the serious ones from the trivial ones.

Managing micro-stops and downtime: Visualise all of the stops by type of incidence and the remaining work capacity of the machine, in order to improve productivity.

e·connect pack

  • e·connect hardware devices: compatible with all kinds of machines, regardless of the manufacturer.
  • Access the e-connect portal to personalise and analyse the information.
  • App for the operator’s device to manage manufacturing orders (MOs) on-site and in real time.
  • Unlimited users, and you can set a particular level of access to information for each one.
  • Training, guidance, and technical support from our team of experts.
  • Package includes a fixed number of annual consulting hours to identify proposals for improvement and formulate an action plan.
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