New e·connect device

Rocket Device fetches, processes
and shows data in a single device.

Hmi Muntatge Pantalla Web 3

Clic & Clac 2 in 1
Device and display, all in one!

It’s easy and quick to install,
and can fit in any machine or PLC.


Plug & Play
No network
connection required


Get data in less
than an hour


You can scale and customize settings


Fast amortization
Return on investment (ROI) in 3 months

Advantages and benefits

Hmi Muntatge Pantalla Web 4

A plan for every business

On PremiseCloude·connect MES
Rocket Device
Network connection
Unified visualisation of the machine park
Data access from any device
Production and downtime history7 days365 daysUnlimited

Customisation of the type of stoppage
MES system: planning, production, quality and maintenance modules
Recurso 8

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